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System and Information Technologies Consulting

Pragmatic IT Consulting

If your organization IT systems need to be improved, a pragmatic approach is probably the best. Hexónio professionals target for project success and business satisfaction by working close with our customers to find the perfect balance between costs and benefits.

Hexónio has expertise on a broad set of enterprise and scientific technologies and areas such as security cash handling, credit recovery and public administration. Most of these areas involve complex business rules, difficult human resources coordination and integration of distinct technologies. All these businesses have increased their productivity, reduced their costs or improved their business by being pragmatic.

Data Migration

Hexónio is a Data Migration expert company.

Hexónio Data Migration specialists use ADAM,1 a formal method for data migration developed over the last decade by several specialists from the IT industry and the scientific community.

Hexónio expertise on data migration include areas such as banking, insurance and public administration. Most of these areas involve complex business rules, large databases, sometimes spread across several distinct systems, heterogeneous data repositories, ad-hoc migration strategies and a short D-Day migration time window.

GDPR Europe

GDPR applied to your corporate reality

The new 2016/679 regulation about protection of personal data, starting 25th May 2018, defines the rights and obligations regarding the gathering, processing and movement of EU citizens personal data.

Usually knows by its GDPR initials, the General Data Protection Regulation is a direct application regulation that aims to allow a high and coherent protection level, equivalent in all member states, and extensible to external EU organizations that work with EU citizens personal data.

Hexónio has a service that helps your organization to comply with this regulation.

eCommerce the right way

eCommerce the right way

The development of an electronic commerce solution, usually named as eCommerce, goes way beyond a website with a product list, a shopping cart and an order form. An eCommerce solution must be seen as a sales channel with specific features and requires high attention in order to achieve high profitability.

Hexónio provides eCommerce solutions that go way beyond the delivery of the software. We help defining the strategy, adjust the processes and optimizing the digital channel for a better return.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management focused on business

The best way to manage the organization relationship with its costumers includes the usage of technology that allows to gather, organize, automate and synchronize information in order to be used by all areas, such as marketing, sales or customer support.

Hexónio Consulting provides a custom CRM service adapted to the real organization needs, putting the customer at the core of the business processes, understanding the customer needs and endowing the organization with a fast and efficient answer.

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