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Professional data migration tool

Data Fusion

DataFusion is an advanced data migration tool, an integrated environment focused on enabling powerful data transformation, resulting in an excellent productivity.

What does it do?

It takes a simple textual specification of the migration rules, between source and target fields, and automatically generates and executes all the required tasks. Control and debug of rules implementation results at the functional level, no need for programing skills, allows execution of partial migrations, reducing development and testing cycles.

How is it used?

It is used by business and technical analysts to specify migration rules and criteria, either directly in the DataFusion specification language DML, or through simple forms.

DataFusion is an excellent Data Migration tool. It boosts productivity, increases migration reliability and provides unmatched reporting and auditing capabilities.
Hexónio Consulting offers different approaches to help solve your Data Migration needs. Either through DataFusion licensing, training and consulting, or with a turn-key Data Migration Project.

Data Fusion is the best way to guarantee a successful and timely answer to the Data Migration challenge.

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