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DataLab Following it's strategy to wider it's offer and increase the value for our customers, we partnered with DataLab, an expert company in data quality.

Data Quality is a global and transversal area, critical when we are talking about data integration or migration. Now we can provide solutions for any business area and any data quality issues. Specially when it comes to addresses, geographical coordinates, duplicate entity and data enrichment.

About DataLab

DataLab is a multidisciplinary team with over 14 years of expertise know-how in Data Quality and Data Management. DataLab participated in the implementation and management of database cleaning systems, data integration, CRM creation projects, amongst others. The company has created solid references, in successful projects, specially in the banking and insurance areas. DataLab main mission is to provide differentiated technical solutions in the information treatment, 100% customizable, that increase the information quality and add value to the business.