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In order to strengthen and solidify the quality of our services and products, both in data migration and data protection, we have established a partnership with APDPO - Association of Data Protection and Security Professionals.



APDPO PORTUGAL is the association of Data Protection Professionals, including DPOs – Data Protection Officers. Established with the aim of providing dialogue and the exchange of experiences, APDPO organizes training, promotes forums and fosters synergies with public and private sector entities in favor of the quality of the professionals it brings together.

APDPO, in an innovative way, also pursues the goals of promoting and developing good practices related to data protection, equipping and preparing professionals to carry out the various activities necessary to implement safe practices in the field of data protection.

Data protection professionals carry out, on a daily basis, a Herculean mission: ensuring privacy and strengthening data protection as fundamental rights of individuals and accelerating digital transformation and promoting innovation. It is to assist in this mission that APDPO endeavors, guiding the associative activity for this desideratum.