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Business Areas

Focus on Business Objectives

All organizations require an IT team focused on helping its business.
Hexónio Consulting professionals focus precisely on the organization objectives, and use technology to help business to reduce its cost of operation, increase productivity or simply overcoming technological problems with intelligence and pragmatism.

Hexónio Consulting has know-how on several business areas, many involve complex core business rules and support systems. Hexónio Consulting professionals have knowledge on several business areas, and are always looking for new challenges.

Banking Cash Processing
  • Data Migration
  • System Integration
  • Functional and Technical Aid
  • System Development
  • System Maintenance
  • System Integration
Media Public Services
  • Media Portals
  • Comission Management
  • Justice Systems
  • Finance Systems
Insurance Retail
  • Data Migration
  • Functional and Technical Aid
  • Core Business Systems
  • eCommerce Systems
  • Business Support Systems
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Data Cleaning and Migration
  • System Integration

How We Can Help

We can help businesses in many ways when it comes to IT projects, such as IT consultancy, outsourcing or assisting you in the build of your cutting-edge core business support system.
But, more importantly, we can help you by doing all this through a pragmatic approach.


From system integrations up to data migrations, ranging from midrange up to more conventional systems, using relational databases or non-relational files, we've done it all, both fuctional and technically.

Cash Processing

From system integration, e. g. with cash in transit, up to banking control deliver report, we're able to design, implement and maintained such systems.


From media portals up to sales advertisement comission management core systems, we can help in all systems integration and lifecycle. We're even able to work on eCommerce strategy to enhance the revenues of printed media gifts.

Public Services

From justice systems up to finance we've done eCommerce solutions for pawned goods, tax payers data management and systems integration.


We've provided functional aid and technical solutions for system integration and data migrations to a new core system.


Development of business and operation support systems, data cleaning and migration and third party system integration.
Business custom systems tuned for maximum operational productivity.


From simple core business solutions up to eCommerce portals, we provided functional aid, project management and technical solutions.

Hexónio and new business areas

Hexónio is used to be challenged in the development of business support systems.
We have done it many times, and, in fact, we love to do it.

Do you have a new challenge for us? Get in touch.

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